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Mark M. Young was born in 1950 and took his first guitar lesson in 1962 at age 12. Mark was inspired to take up guitar when his parents brought home a ukulele from Hawaii and when he heard Chuck Berry play, No Particular Place to Go and the Ventures', Walk, Don't Run. He was also exposed to the guitar through his best friend across the street who had two Martins and liked The Brothers Four and The Kingston Trio. . His first guitar was a $25. Harmony acoustic. After this almost unplayable Harmony, he graduated to a $132.Guild dreadnaught, then got the rock 'n roll bug in earnest with a hip teacher who played a Barney Kessel. Mark's parents bought him a Guild archtop with a floating DeArmond pickup and hooked it up to an old HiFi system. Mark soon began giving guitar lessons to his brother's friends for $1.00 per hour, stressing basic rock 'n roll licks. Mark played in a band in High School and had his first "stage experience" playing at one of the band member's homes for a group of school mates. In college at U.C.-Davis, Mark played with Sharing Cross Station. He played lead guitar, and harmony and lead vocals. The band split up when their practice room burned down with all the equipment. Mark later played with the Crippled Frog shortly after his marriage in 1972. During this period he utilized a Guild Starfire III, a solid body Gretsch, and a '63 Gibson Melody Maker fitted with a humbucker in the neck position. He derived his style from Quick Silver Messenger Service's John Cippolina and was known to use the vibrato bar in a similar fashion. In the middle 1970's Mark attempted a short-lived career in a two-man acoustic group in Sonoma County, California. His other guitar heroes include Eric Clapton, Michael Hedges, and Eric Johnson.

In 1989-91 Mark played in an acoustic group as one of Mimi Farina's Bread and Roses acts, entertaining institutionalized shut-ins as a volunteer. He used a 1980 Martin HD-28 and a Martin JM40-12.

Mark first got "the guitar bug" seeing his more affluent friends playing his favorite guitars (Gibson ES-335's) in college. Around 1994, Mark finally admitted to himself that he loved the guitar. Since 1995, he has been a serious collector, now owning 26 guitars, some vintage. He recently re-acquired the guitar he used in the '70's-a '68 Gibson SJN Country Western. He has yet to find the "John Cippolina-like" Gibson SG with a Bigsby ! !

Mark's dear friend and mentor is the vintage guru Dave Rogers of Dave's Guitar Shop of La Crosse Wisconsin. Mark has written two articles for Vintage Guitar Magazine, both in 1999,
Why We Love Guitars and a store profile on Dave's Guitar Shop (Guitar Treasures in the Midwest). These can be read utilizing provided links in this site. Mark loves vintage Strats., Teles, and 335's, his favorite being a near mint cherry 1962 Gibson ES-335 with Custom Made plaque, a factory Bigsby, and PAF's. He also owns a show room quality '65 Fender Twin Reverb.

Mark is a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor (MFT) and lives in Marin County, California with his wife and 11 year old twins.